What is Lateral Hub?

by Albert Tawil, Founder & CEO of Lateral Hub


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What is Lateral Hub?

The concept of Lateral Hub is simple: a starting point for an attorney looking to make a lateral move.
Lateral Hub has multiple parts:
  • Job board for lateral candidates and top-tier law firms (think: Indeed, but exclusively for top-tier law firms) – launching in August 2022
  • Helpful career- and recruiting-related content for law firm attorneys

Job Board

From going through my own lateral move and helping dozens of friends and colleagues with their lateral moves over the past few years, it occurred to me that finding a new job as a lateral is more difficult than it should be.

It’s like buying a house before Zillow or booking travel before Kayak.  The information is out there but it is too hard to find

When you are looking to lateral, you can call a search firm/recruiter (after figuring out which recruiter to call, since you get 10 emails a day about an opportunity at “an AmLaw 100 firm with an amazing culture”), you can go firm website by firm website to see which firms are hiring (with the zero spare time you have), you can call friends in different law firms to figure out who is hiring…  you get the point.
On the other side, because of this, firms have a hard time finding talent.  Firms rely primarily on search firms, which are very expensive:  25% or more of the attorney’s base salary (whopping $60-90K per hire), more than most people make in a year.  This is one of the reasons firms generally prefer to hire candidates directly (and many firms allocate the funds to a signing bonus for the attorney when they are able to save on the search firm fee).
Lateral Hub’s job board will cut through all of this, allowing you to simply visit the site, easily filter by location, practice group, firm size, etc, see who is hiring, and apply directly in seconds.
(Firms will partner with Lateral Hub to post their lateral openings and receive applications.  Lateral Hub will not scrape job openings from firm websites.)
Look out for Lateral Hub’s job board to go live in August 2022.


There are a few ways to get your fix of BigLaw news/jokes/memes, but not many ways to get easy advice for the lateral job search.
Lateral Hub will be serving up easy, interesting, and digestible content for attorneys at top-tier law firms.
We’ll be teaming up with certified legal career coaches, law school career counselors, firm professional development directors, and others to provide their expertise.
We’ll be debunking some myths in the legal recruiting world.
We’ll be profiling lawyers who made interesting and inspiring career changes.
We’ll be interviewing law firm partners and recruiting directors on what they look for in candidates.
And much more!

How Can You Get Involved?

🚀 Look out for the Lateral Hub Job Board to launch in August 2022!
📩 Subscribe to the Lateral Hub newsletter – first issue will be hitting your inbox in mid-July!
➡️ Refer your current and former colleagues, friends, law school classmates, and others to subscribe to the newsletter!  You get free stuff for making referrals!
📣 Spread the word about this new cool thing called Lateral Hub when you speak with colleagues and others about the legal market and what is out there.
This is a much-needed resource for law firm attorneys and I am excited to get the word out.

A Personal Thank You

I departed from my role at Fenwick (after lingering part-time for a while, mainly so I can stay in our NY Tech Trans Associate group chat) to launch Lateral Hub.  This was an exciting but scary step.  I loved working at Fenwick and am proud to be a “Fenwickian.”
There is a huge opportunity in the market to help attorneys find lateral jobs more easily and help firms better promote their job openings and hire candidates directly.
They say one of the most important things you can do for a person is help them find a job.  With your help, I hope you we can do that for a lot of people.
Let’s do it!
– Albert

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