LinkedIn – Thoughts on Legal Recruiting and Law Firm Life

by Albert Tawil, Founder & CEO of Lateral Hub


Over the past few months, I’ve had countless conversations with law firm recruiting managers and directors, hiring partners, and lateral candidates.  These conversations are mainly focused on legal recruiting.  I discuss with firms how they hire, the pain points they are trying to solve, and whether Lateral Hub would be helpful for them.  I discuss with candidates how they go about finding job openings, what their lateral process was like (if they have already lateraled), and whether Lateral Hub would be helpful for them too, of course.  I’ve also been in touch with law school career advisors, internal firm career advisors, and legal career coaches, learning from them about their experiences and what issues come up in their conversations with attorneys looking for help making a career move.

Almost always, we cover several other topics too that are separate, but inherently linked to legal recruiting.  For example, navigating the hybrid work environment, professional development and retention, diversity and inclusion initiatives, trends for office openings and law firm growth .. the list goes on.

Since I’ve decided to pursue Lateral Hub full-time, I’ve started to use LinkedIn as a tool to provide thoughts and advice on legal recruiting and law firm life.  

This is from my experience over the last few months speaking with many different stakeholders and getting a new perspective on the legal recruiting industry.  But, this is also from my experience as a law student, OCI candidate, junior associate, lateral candidate, and midlevel associate.  Combining these two sets of experiences has given me a unique view on the law firm industry, a look behind the curtain of law firm recruiting and professional development that associates usually do not have.  And I’m excited to share as I go through the journey of building Lateral Hub.

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is how engaged its users are.  So far, one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is engaging with others in the comments – not only on my posts, but on other users’ posts related to legal tech, recruiting, law firm life, legal career paths, entrepreneurship, or all of the above. 

For interesting news and thoughts on legal recruiting and law firm life, follow me on LinkedIn!  I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and continuing the conversation.

– Albert

P.S. I also recommend following Lateral Hub’s page on LinkedIn for more information and updates on our products and services!



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