Pre-OCI Recruiting

Over the past couple of years, pre-OCI recruiting (where law firms recruit law students directly during May-July, outside of the formal OCI process) has become mainstream.  Many firms have opted to focus their recruiting efforts before OCI and many law schools encourage it as part of the process.

Pre-OCI recruiting (often referred to as “pre-cruiting”) comes with its own benefits challenges, as it lacks the traditional structure of OCI.

This content will help you understand the new development of pre-OCI recruiting and navigate the process during the spring and summer.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

With pre-OCI recruiting becoming even more prevalent, there is concern among 1Ls/rising 2Ls that grades are going to be the main factor for firms.  

This is not completely true, for a few reasons.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

So, you are done with finals and you’re ready to focus on your 2L summer associate job search. 

You might be wondering where to start and how to approach the pre-OCI recruiting process.  Here are four keys to navigating the pre-OCI recruiting process.

by Amanda Haverstick

Dear 2L,

My thoughts on how to stand out when you reach out to a lawyer by way of LinkedIn:

🔹 1: Read a little about the lawyer first.