Networking, whether in-person, virtually, or on social media platforms like LinkedIn, can be daunting.  

But effective networking can be very valuable for your job search (and, more importantly, your career long-term).

These resources will help you become a networking pro as part of your summer associate job search and beyond.

by Amanda Haverstick

Dear 2L,

When you are just starting to “network” in the big, legal world, it may be a bit intimidating. You may feel like you’re asking for help, or for a favor, from the person you reach out to.

by Amanda Haverstick

Dear 1L,

Last fall, I received a flood of panicked calls from jobless 2Ls. 

Don’t let that be you. Don’t wait till after OCI. Go all-in with networking NOW.  Here, some steps to start on LinkedIn.

More videos and blog posts coming soon!

Stay tuned!