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Easy, interactive resources for you to learn about BigLaw practice areas.  

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with Amanda Haverstick

Check out this video interview with Amanda Haverstick for expert resume tips!

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Cover letters are a great way to make a first impression and often required by firms.  Use these tips to make sure your cover letter helps set you apart and avoids common pitfalls.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Here are some of the key things law firms look for in 2L candidates (hint: it’s not your legal skills).

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Easy guidance on applying to firms during pre-OCI recruiting when you don’t have second semester grades yet.

by Amanda Haverstick

Dear 1L, I’ve seen 100s of 1L resumes over the years. I typically see them after an office-of-career-services (OCS) review, and after you think the resume is “final.” Here’s the problem:

I still catch nits & formatting errors.

by Amanda Haverstick

💌 Dear 1L,

OCI writing samples: 3 steps to increase the odds yours is well-received by law firms.


by Amanda Haverstick

Dear 1L,

When finalizing your writing samples for this summer’s law-firm recruiting (aka, OCI, or On Campus Interviewing), please aim for as near perfect as possible.