Job interviews during the summer associate recruiting process are unique.

“Screener” interviews (usually the first step in the interview process at BigLaw firms) are 20-minute behavioral interviews, mostly focused on your law school and basic professional experience.   During OCI, it is common for law students to do dozens of screeners in just two or three days.  This schedules can make it difficult to prepare and easy to get tired.

“Callback” interviews (usually the second step in the interview process) are 3 to 6 consecutive 30-minute behavioral interviews from different attorneys at the firm.  Sometimes, part of the callback happens over lunch. 

This content will help you efficiently and effectively prepare for interviews, crush the interview when the time comes, and arm you with the right etiquette for follow-ups, cancellations, and other tricky situations.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, don’t go silent!  

Having thoughtful and interesting questions to ask shows that you are prepared and enthusiastic about the firm.  

by Amanda Haverstick

If you’re feeling anxious about upcoming interviews for your first “legal” job, that’s normal. Here’s some advice from the 100 or so law-student interviews I’ve conducted.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, almost all OCI and pre-OCI “screener” interviews at BigLaw firms have been conducted virtually.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind for virtual screener interviews:

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Although virtual screeners have become the norm, many firms prefer to conduct callbacks in person.

There are several considerations to keep in mind when participating in a callback interview at a firm’s office.

by Amanda Haverstick

I’ve compiled advice and anecdotes from last year’s 2Ls on how to navigate the interviews in OCI (On Campus Interviews). (All quoted language below comes from prior 2Ls.)

by Amanda Haverstick

I will never forget the job interview I flat-out bombed.

From a young age, I had learned I should always downplay my accomplishments. To be humble. To be liked..

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Answers to the burning questions about follow-up emails after OCI and pre-OCI interviews.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

It may seem rude to cancel a callback interview with a firm when you are no longer interested.  But, law firms prefer that you cancel in that case!

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