Navigating OCI

On-campus interviewing (OCI) is a long-standing process for summer associate recruiting, organized by law schools.  OCI can be a dizzying process, with dozens of interviews in a span of 2-3 days – but with the right preparation and perspective, it is easy to get your OCI week under control.

Although each law school uses its own system for OCI bidding and participation, this content is helpful for navigating the process and knowing when to lean on your law school career office for help.

by the Summer Associate Hub Team

Dear 2L,

One of the most important parts of the summer associate recruiting process is the OCI bid list.  Being thoughtful and strategic with your bid list will increase your likelihood of landing screeners, and consequently callbacks and offers.

by Amanda Haverstick

I’ve compiled advice and anecdotes from last year’s 2Ls on how to navigate the interviews in OCI (On Campus Interviews). (All quoted language below comes from prior 2Ls.)

More videos and blog posts coming soon (don't worry... way before OCI)!

Stay tuned!