Dear 2L: 3 Ways to Stand Out in Networking Calls with Lawyers

by Amanda Haverstick

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Dear 2L,

My thoughts on how to stand out when you reach out to a lawyer by way of LinkedIn:

🔹 1: Read a little about the lawyer first.

What does their firm website say about them? What publications have they authored? What cases are they currently handling, or what big deals?

Find something that interests you that you can ask about. Show some investment in them.

A lawyer’s time is precious. Everyone is busy with their own lives. If you’re going to ask them to take time out of their day to talk to you, you should spend some time, too.

🔹2: Know their LinkedIn profiles.

Read them, so you don’t ask them questions that you could have found out about on your own. If they are someone who creates content, certainly try to engage regularly with it.

🔹 3: Figure out how you might add some value to their day—even if it is just by way of being genuinely appreciative.

It is always better to give first. (I’m not saying that it’s bad if you don’t do these things with every attorney you might reach out to, but why wouldn’t you?)

—Being prepared for conversations will also increase your confidence going in. You will have gathered some intelligence and know a little about what to expect.


💌 Amanda

Amanda Haverstick

Amanda is the author of the popular #Dear1L blog, founder of Writing Law Tutors, and legal writing coach for lawyers and law students.  

Amanda previously spent 20 years as a Labor & Employment lawyer in BigLaw and as an in-house counsel at a Fortune 500 company. She has also served as a career services consultant assisting law students at one of the nation’s top law schools.


Dear 1L,

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